Traitors of Sol

An adventure into the unknown.

“This is docking bay control, doors opening now. Good luck out there.”
“Keep the luck for yourself, Control. We don’t need it, we’re the Space Bastards.”

The Space Bastards were one of the most feared and deadly mercenary crews in the universe. Were.

Captain Hawke Sparov and his crew are running out of luck and money. On the edge of civilized space, the Space Bastards are willing to do whatever it takes to earn a few credits, diving into the depths of the Abyss itself if the money is right.

When a distress transmission offers to pay anything for a rescue from a long-dead planet, Hawke and his crew leap at the chance. Little do they know how much danger their client and their mysterious cargo will land them in, or about the cataclysmic events that their actions will kick-start.

Join the Space Bastards as the battle through space stations, fight across treacherous planets, and unlock the key to saving the universe itself.

Traitors of Sol takes you on a whirlwind adventure in the twilight of our universe, taking the Space Bastards to the edge of space, and beyond.

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