Short Stories

Short Stories

Bleak Horizons

The Twilight Zone meets Black Mirror in this five story anthology. Bleak Horizons offers an insight into humanity’s near and far future, with stories ranging from a post-apocalyptic Europe brutally managing a population problem, to Moon-based scientists with bad news for Earth, who have all but forgotten them.

Bleak Horizons is a collection of five short stories.
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Just a Minor Malfunction, Issue 2 – Dig

Just a Minor Malfunction is a webzine featuring talent from across the world, distilling numerous stories into one Science Fiction punch. Issue 2 features my short story ‘Dig’.

Driven by the rumour of gold, a prospector party set out for some obscure hills in an attempt to gain their fortune. The heat is punishing, and the attacks from outlaws only dwindle their numbers. One of the party, Anna, hears a voice from the mine, pushing her to dig deeper into the earth. What they discover is certainly not gold.

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