Happy New Year, and what’s to come

Happy New Year to one and all, and I hope you had a good Christmas break too. (I, unfortunately, worked for most of it).

It’ a new year, so for some people that means New Year’s resolutions, but for me it simply means mostly business as usual; writing, reading, and posting on here when there’s a suitable update.

There’s going to be a few changes here this year, so here’s what’s in and what’s out:


Updates: (of course, how could there not be?)
News:  Essentially anything hot enough to beat my next scheduled update. If anything exciting comes up, you’ll be the first to know!
Reviews: This is going to be a new one for me this year. I tend to get through a good few books and films a year, and, as such, I thought I might bring some recommendations out with my thoughts on said media. I’ve already got a few lined up, so expect some shortly.


Short stories: I’ll be scaling back my horror writing to concentrate more on my novel-length works. Those of you who follow me here will most probably know that the realm of science fiction is where my lengthier work is, so I’ll be concentrating more on that this year. I had a sudden explosion of exciting ideas, so I want to get as many of them down as possible.

So, overall you’re not looking at anything too different than usual from me. I’ll still throw up a short story if I get the time, but I’m going to be spilling my creative guts into works involving mind-burrowing parasites, giant mech-style war machines, and, of course, bringing out Carl Goban and the rest of the crew in Hope of Sol.

Until next time,

J. Porteous

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