Traitors of Sol and Hope of Sol update

Just a little update from myself that I’m really excited for!

As you can probably tell from the banner image, Traitors of Sol has received a wonderful new coat of paint. The new artwork is now live for not only the ebook but for the paperback version too.



Hope of Sol is still coming along very nicely but has had some story reworks, which means I’ve had to push back the estimated launch until April next year. However, this does mean I can look at releasing it on the anniversary of the launch of Traitors of Sol.

In the meantime, my new post-apocalyptic novel, The Gamekeeper, is nearing the beta stage. As long as the feedback comes back positive, the gears will be oiled and I’ll be looking at giving it the final polish and getting it live January 2019.

As for Hope of Sol, I’ll be running the usual artwork release blogs and other such teases as it arrives. The incredible Tom Edwards is the artist responsible – drop by and give him some love!

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