The April Update

How on earth is it April already? I swear it was only a couple of weeks ago I was planning on when I was going to be getting writing certain things done by…

Since the year seems to be skipping merrily along and the fact that I’ve hit a couple of milestones, I thought it to be a good time to give an update on various projects (which I haven’t done since New Year either).

The Gamekeeper – Draft complete

Initially, I had the end date for the first draft of this to be done by the end of March, but sickness and work got in the way. After the cracking the whip on my own back, I’m finally there!

The first draft of The Gamekeeper, my first full-length apocalyptic novel, is done and dusted. There are a few things (and people) that may be culled or amalgamated in the edits, and parts of the story which I will need to flesh out, but the bulk of the meat is there.

I’ve always enjoyed post-apocalyptic media, whether it’s films, games, or movies, and I had a couple of stories bubbling in my mind for a couple of years now. This one grew off the back of one of the first ever pieces I wrote (which will, thankfully, never see the light of day). There were some trinkets to salvage amongst that wreckage, and some of them have wormed their way into this story.

Although it’s a dark and bleak tale, I’ve woven some hope into it too. One of my favourite post-apocalyptic tales is The Road, and I think that inspiration will come through when read, but it’s a little less grim than that. Think of it as The Road, but a bit more colourful, perhaps?

I posted a taster of the introductory paragraph on twitter – but if you missed it, here’s the current opening below.


Of course, this is before any edits. This could be completely rewritten, or cut entirely – we shall see. Still, it needs to sit now for revisiting later – I’m hoping this should be ready towards Autumn this year.

Hope of Sol – On track

For those of you who have read Traitors of Sol and are awaiting the conclusion, it’s still on track to be finished by the end of the year.

As with all drafts and edits, there have been a steady flow of changes to the characters, the story, and a number of little details surrounding the universe.

I’m keeping this one pretty tightly under wraps at the moment, but I’ll ensure to update things as they come along. Needless to say, I’m very excited about the final story.

Short stories – New release

In case you haven’t seen this one, a new short story of mine, ‘Death Follows’, is now available in the ever-great Just A Minor Malfunction e-zine. I won’t give anything away too much, but it features a far-future mankind and an encounter with the Voyager probe.

I read the other stories when going through the edits for the e-zine, and it’s certainly worth a buy.

Check it out here for a dose of sci-fi goodness.

As regular blog readers know (and that’s all of you by now, right?), I tend to post short stories straight to my site as well. That’s slowed down in recent weeks due to my concentration on getting my full-length works down (and Sea of Thieves, ahem). Don’t fret, there are more in the pipeline and the will be coming shortly…

Hopefully, this has given you a decent overview of what to expect in the coming year. I’ll drop another update at some point, and drop cover and release dates as and when as well. Don’t forget, if you want to contact me for any reason, you can get me here or on twitter.

Until then, read on.

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