New Year, new update

With New Year’s Eve swiftly becoming a distant memory, it seems like a good time to give an update as to what I’ve currently got in the works at the moment. I’m sure you’ve seen mentions of various projects on my Twitter, but here I will be able to give a little more depth to the update.

Post-Apocalyptic NaNoWriMo project

For November I participated in my first ever NaNoWriMo, and for the most part it was a good exercise; it forced me to sit on my arse and write, and it allowed me to get the meat of an idea I’ve had for a while down on paper.

It’s currently in a good state. I’ve polished off chapter thirteen, and there’s another two to go. Obviously this is only a first draft, but work should come thick and fast once it’s all down (and the inevitable edits).

Here’s a taster for the general idea.

Eleven years ago, the world went to shit. Global warming thawed an ancient contagion from the permafrost of the world, unleashing an incurable plague which swept the globe. They tried to contain it at first, to treat it, but nothing worked. In the end, the world’s governments burned the cities, scorching both the infected and clean alike in a last ditch attempt to save whoever was left. Earth had become ash, and those who survived picked out a living where they could.

The Gamekeeper had not always been such a lonesome soul. Once he had a family, a job, a place to call home; now he wanders alone, venturing from settlement to settlement, hunting game to trade for supplies before moving on again.

His life changes when he discovers a young girl, burned by the flames of the old cities, her father’s corpse still fresh in the grey snow outside. In a rare flicker of his previous humanity, he does not want to leave her to the mercy of the wicked world. He takes her to the nearest settlement; the closest thing to safety he could think of.

When the Gamekeeper finds the settlement burned to the ground, the people with it, he and the girl find themselves face-to-face with a deadly new threat. A plague cult, the Children of Ash, have swept up from the South, burning away all they deem unclean.

When they spot the burned girl, their leader, the Doctor, takes a special interest. His cult see her as the embodiment of their cause, the Mother of Flame.

In this moment, the Gamekeeper makes a life changing decision. He could hand the girl over as they asked, and move on as he always had done, or take her and flee.

With the Children of Ash giving chase, the Gamekeeper takes the girl and flees North, meeting a variety of characters and places along the way. Can he rise from the flames and become the person he once was and now needs to be once more, or will he and the girl join the rest of the world in ash?

Hope of Sol

As you probably guessed, Hope of Sol is the conclusion to the Sol Sequence, a follow-on from Traitors of Sol.

The story is laid out, all that needs to be done is carve more words into some semblance of readable literature. Rest assured, there are going to be plenty of twists and turns in this final book, and I’m finally happy with an ending which delivers a solid but bittersweet conclusion.

I won’t give too much away here, but I’ll be revealing more as the time comes. Feel free to sign up for email updates as they come!

Short stories / Miscellaneous

You might have noticed I’ve been bringing a lot of my short stories on site rather than hosting them on Wattpad. I’ve brought stories from other sources too, such as Reddit. The idea is to bring them all on site and in one place, so if I don’t want to stop at one you can carry on with the next story with zero effort.

There has been a heavy bias on horror stories at the moment, but their output will slow down once they are all migrated. This won’t be the end of my horror writing; in fact, I’ve been scribbling down a load of ideas – possibly with the outlook of publishing one a day for Halloween this year. I’m sure I’ll update as I progress.

So, looks like it’s going to be a busy 2018. Onwards and upwards, as they say!

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