Lore: The Uplifting of Humanity

Traitors of Sol Artwork

This is my first of several ‘Lore’ blogs for Traitors of Sol. Here you will find information on what came many, many years before the novel. Enjoy.

Confidential Communication
From: Reader Thenn
To: Medica Salz

Medica Salz, please find the below account from the uplifting of humanity as requested. This is first hand evidence from the High Researcher of the day – Lothan. I hope you find whatever you are looking for.

“Humans were not the first species we had watched. Indeed, in the countless galaxies and star systems, there were so many other intelligent species, all squirming around on their petri dish planets until a space-faring race was born. I, as every High Researcher had done before me, followed strict protocol to not interfere with fledgling races. Natural selection still has its place in the universe; if they could not control and forge their instincts and intelligence, then they would die out like countless other species before them have.”

“Humanity was at this stage. We were turning our gaze from them, having grown fed up with watching promising civilisations wipe themselves out. They had plundered and ravaged their planet, turning it from a surprisingly habitable environment to a poisonous, barren rock. It was a story we had watched countless times before.”

“They had created their own deaths. They had poisoned themselves; the air thick with pollution, the water and soil infested with synthetic residue. They were dying, and they knew it. Yet they were too late to turn back the tide.”

“Little did we know, that as humanity dwindled, so did countless other space-faring races in the universe. The Final Great Extinction we would come to call it, but initially we thought it was just bad breeding seasons. First, the Qoyp lost their entire larvae population, with their queens unable to produce any more. Then followed the Sath; all of their children arriving stillborn. This was not just happening in a single system, but on a galactic scale.”

“It affected every species, except for bipedal organisms. We do not know how or why, but we know that we were not affected by it, along with the Byracinths and the humans. Something had to be done. I called council, bringing in the greatest minds which the Researchers had, and discussed what we should do. We could either let the humans die in the quagmire they had created, or break protocol and save them. I want this on record that, come what may of the humans, I did not make this decision lightly.”

“We decided to uplift them, in order to preserve intelligent life within the cosmos. With just ourselves and the Byracinths, there was too much chance of either of our species slipping into the void, leaving the other alone in the universe. There was too much at stake.”

“We organised a fleet with our best medics and interpreters, and the Byracinths added their own efforts too. The humans were almost alarmingly calm at our arrival, but I think any glimmer of hope was all they wanted at the time. We took all of them, all seventy eight billion. It was a monumental task, the sort in which you know you are doing something to alter the course of history forever.”

“They were dying, almost all of them. We termed it the ‘universal cancer’, as everything on that dying rock caused it. From the numbers we reviewed afterwards, almost one hundred percent of the population had some form of the disease. They were dying out rapidly, much like our space-faring friends.”

“We cured as many as we could. It was a gene-recipe which did it in the end, and Medica Reve was the one to congratulate on the breakthrough. All of the humans were processed, and we cured almost all of them. A minor few suffered side-effects from the treatment. Their cancers receded, but they suffered from shorter lifespans, often resulting in very sudden, and young, deaths.”

“Their planet, Earth as they called it, was abandoned for good. Empty city-stacks and deep home-caverns were plundered by our artifact teams, hoping to save some of their history; and that now resides in the Grand Archive.”

“To think all of this was seventy years ago. The humans are quick to adapt as we found out, and soon found their comfort amongst the stars, their birth rates rising astronomically. They needed space, and they expanded at an alarming rate. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision. I just hope those in the future do not judge me too harshly for it.”

Traitors of Sol is available worldwide in Ebook and paperback.


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