Updates from the writing desk

In the wake of my first full length novel being released, I thought I would share a little status report on upcoming works.

Bleaker Horizons

Bleaker Horizons is coming along nicely, and is well into the editing stage. As with Bleak Horizons, there are five speculative fiction stories from humanities grim future.

The idea was to follow what I did before, writing five short stories to entertain, however some of the new short stories have grown into monsters, so everything is taking a little longer than expected. Most of the stories are hitting around the 10k mark now, so plenty of bang for your buck!

The stories included are:

  • Sundown
  • Driven to Destruction
  • What Would You Do?
  • Seromine
  • Happy Birthday

‘Sundown’ will be published ahead of the actual launch date for free – and was written as a tribute to the late George A. Romero. It will be available from my Wattpad.

Estimated release date – November 2017

Hope of Sol

Hot on the heels of Traitors of Sol being released, work is continuing on the sequel, and conclusion, Hope of Sol.

The story elements are all planned out, so the endgame is already decided – and, of course, the ups and downs in between.

Old faces and new will be visiting some of the outer corners of the universe mentioned in Traitors of Sol, such as the prison planet, the Dregs, and the homes of humanity’s religious outcasts. I won’t say anymore, but hopefully there will be a few surprises for store for the reader.

There’s still heavy work involved, but progress is currently steaming ahead.

Estimated release date – Summer 2018

Other work

I’ve recently been asked if I could join a horror podcast as script writer/editor, which I’ve agreed to. You may haven noticed my tweet regarding it – and it’s good fun!

I’ve never worked with a group before, but mingling with voice actors, other writers, and artists is incredibly fun – it’s even pushed up my productivity on my other work.

We’re forging ahead with the first episode as the moment, so hopefully I’ll be able to share something with you very soon…

Going forward 

I’ll keep these updates coming every few months, especially as things hit major milestones. There are other things in the works, so no doubt some of these will bubble up as well.

Don’t forget – you can sign up to receive ARC of my books. You’ll get all new releases free of charge, as well as thanks being given in the acknowledgements section of the release. Places are strictly limited, so sign up before it’s too late.

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