The Road to Publishing: The end of a long journey…and the start of a new one

The 31st of July rolls around in seven days, and I still cannot believe it is here. Usually the day would go by unnoticed, but now I have something to mark it for. ‘Traitors of Sol‘, my first full-length novel, is going to be released in eBook and paperback format.

I’ve released work before, that is true; however these have been short stories, either in e-magazines or my own collections. It’s like comparing a sprint to a marathon, a single battle to an entire war. They are all triumphs, but some leave bigger impacts than others.

‘Traitors of Sol’ is not my first attempt at a full-length novel. There are numerous pretenders which fell by the wayside; not strong enough story or character wise to make the journey. They still float around, scenes waiting to be cannibalised by other projects, but they are not fit for human consumption in their current states. ‘Traitors of Sol’ is the first to make it, the first to pass muster with beta readers and myself. That final full-stop on the final edit was my Everest.

It’s both exciting and fearful knowing that your work is going to be out there. This a universe that has been built from the ground up to support the weight of a multiverse spanning story. It has races, creatures, and lore, all specific to this strange little existence buried between two covers. It has characters who I’ve cared about, enough to see them as people in their own right (how I will feel when I finally say goodbye to them, I do not know). Now it will all be out there, no longer confined to my single mind. It’s a universe waiting to be shared and explored with anyone interested.

I won’t wax lyrical for much longer on this point, but as you can probably tell, this is a big moment for any writer. It’s a the culmination of days, months, and years of thought and labour. It’s endless rewrites, countless edits, and innumerable worries over the most minute of details. It’s a labour of love, and to see it born into the world is a satisfying and enduring feeling.

If you are writing your own novel, and the end seems far over the horizon – I hope this gives you the push and support you need. You can do it. You will do it. Then you will start again on the next one.

This may be the endgame for ‘Traitors of Sol’, but it is the start of a another journey. The follow-up, ‘Hope of Sol’, will complete the story, and there are many more adventures beyond that – possibly in the same universe, but definitely beyond it. All that can be done is follow the writer’s mantra: write, edit, release, write.

I hope we can make this journey together, and I look to sharing further adventures with you.

Traitors of Sol‘ is released 31 July in eBook and paperback format, and is available worldwide.

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